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About Me

Over the last 6 years I’ve worked as an art director, a copywriter (more so), in a team, on my own and with all sorts of talented people. I’ve worked permanently in digital agencies and DM agencies, and freelanced in all sorts of other agencies in London and Sydney. I've written TV ads, won pitches, and devised content strategies. More importantly, I've made things that people actually want to watch or interact with - and hopefully even made people smile. Lucky for me, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it too. I (like to) think that my creative brain is always on. I tinker with writing and illustration projects in my spare time and get involved with industry initiatives that support ad students and volunteer as a writing mentor for the Ministry Of Stories.

Get in touch here: laura__davies@hotmail.co.uk


Drum Finalist, Campaign of The Month, ADMA Bronze OOH Experiential, ADMA Bronze Creative use of Technology, Caples Awards Finalist, JCDecaux International Campaign of the Month, Chip Shop 'People's Choice' Finalist, Blades Award Nomination, Gold IAAA Award, D&AD Commendation, YCN Award, Trevor Beattie Award, DMA GRT Shortlisted, B-Hive Award