I was lucky enough to be chosen for Secret 7 this year, an annual competition and exhibition in London. This year, the artists involved raised over £40,000 for the charity War Child. The brief was to choose one of 7 songs and create an album cover inspired by it, without giving away the song choice. I selected Elbow’s ‘Grounds For Divorce’ [...]

Recently finished a new piece for my Overheard Poetry project. This time, instead of eavesdropping on people’s conversations, I used snippets of songs. Using iTunes Shuffle, I took the first line of each song that randomly came on. Today I’ve seen that Spotify have released Playlist Poetry, a really nice idea which ties in to this particular poem I wrote. [...]

For Valentines Day, I’ve combined my love of film and illustration to create this heart shaped movie puzzle.   Want to win it? If you can name all 20 films correctly, you get the chance to win a lovely A3 print of the poster. Here’s you first clue – they’re all great films, so number 18 is not, I’m sorry [...]

Last year I started a little poetry project Words on the Street. I write down snippets of conversations I overhear in a certain place and rearrange those lines to make a poem that sums up that place or day or mood. Glastonbury was perfect for this, with paper thin tent walls and a lot of rowdy people, it was hard not to overhear [...]